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About Tzortzi's Olive Oil company

100 years Olive Oil history

We are the 4th generation of Tzortzides which are active in high quality olive oil production. Our thought is that this supreme product enter the markets with a modern form, become world wide known and obtain the position it deserves in the market.

So, in 2004 we started designing the form that this decision will have. With the whole family’s help in 2006 we started make this dream come true by building the Olive Press Factory.

At Lesbos, there that Olive is island’s symbol and the olive oil meets the supreme quality than anywhere in Greece, Tzortzi’s Familys Olive Tree fields are becoming one with the Lesbian “Treasure”. With our guide the 100 years family tradition and experience we are active since 2006 at the production and exporting Organic and common Olive Oil. With an olive variety 80% adramitiny and 20% kolovi that are harvesting with modern ways.

Our prinicipals are very strict on organic farming.

Our 350 hectars of olive trees that we have in Pigi and Komi villages with our modern Olive Press Factory capable of producing cold extracted olive oil.

With lot’s of love we bring to your table and your daily nutrition, extra virgin organic olive oil.

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Tzortzis Michael

Olive Oil Production
81100 Pigi Lesbos
Tel. +30. 22510 47241
Fax.+30. 22510 47348
Mob.+30. 6946906948
Email: info[at]

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